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Fatigue When Driving - The Warning Signs

safe driving fatigue warning signsStay safe this holiday season as you travel to visit friends and family, for your vacation and for work.

During the Christmas, New Year and holiday season most of us find ourselves driving more and often for longer distances than normal.

With all the extra fesitvities, we may even enjoy less sleep and greater levels of stress. This combination can lead to fatigue when driving, poor concentration and dangerous situations.

When travelling for longer distances, and when you are very tired, you should plan to stop for at least a 15 minute rest every 2 hours and where possible change drivers regularly.


If you experience the following signs of fatigue you should have a break:

1.    Yawning
2.    Constantly rubbing eyes or blinking more than normal
3.    Lacking concentration
4.    Sweaty hands
5.    Tired eyes / unable to keep eyes open
6.    Sleepiness
7.    Trouble focusing
8.    Thoughts wandering / zoning out
9.    Forgetting driving the last few kms
10.    Over-steering / drifting in the lane
11.    Slower reaction time
12.    Missing a gear, exit, sign
13.    Braking late or slowing unintentionally