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travel tipsAs many of us prepare for holidays and extended travel over the Christmas and New Year period, we want to help you enjoy safe and relaxed travel.

Here are our top tips for holiday travel:

1. Make sure your car is serviced and had a recent safety check
2. Check all your fluid levels
3. Carry extra water for emergencies
4. Check your tyre pressure and the condition of your tyres – don’t forget to check the spare
5. Allow plenty of time. Don’t add the extra stress of worrying about being late
6. Plan your trip in advance
7. Get plenty of rest before a long trip
8. Take a break or change drivers on long trips

car radiatorAs the weather begins to warm up we start to see many cars overheating.

When was the last time you check your car’s coolant levels? Now is a great time to check your fluid levels, especially as many of us drive longer distances over the holiday season. Keep an eye on your temperature gauge when driving too.

Most importantly, if your car does overheat do not open the radiator cap until it has cooled down!