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Battery Check + More

battery check


The team at Brakes + Mechanical Services have been looking after Australian's cars since 1990.

We want to help prepare your car for winter driving. That's why we are offering our Free Winter Health Check. The FREE WINTER HEALTH CHECK includes:

  • battery check
  • wiper blade check
  • we'll rotate your tyres.

Why is it important?

Do you know that a car's battery is more likely to die during winter than any other time of year? That's because there is more load placed on batteries during winter. We have our lights on for longer periods, we use our heaters and wipers more.  In addition, more power is required to start your vehicle when it is cold.

We often forget out windscreen wipers until we really need them. Damaged and cracked wiper blades won't clear your windscreen properly (and can make vision much worse) and can scratch and damage the glass.

Rotating your tyres is important for even tyre wear. Find our more here.


Just contact your nearest store and book your FREE WINTER HEALTH CHECK.

Brakes + is 100% Australian owned and operated.


* Bookings must be made in advance by contacting your nearest store. Bookings are subject to availablity.

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